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Sialolo film (National Security) dubbed in Afghan (Dari, Hazaragi, etc.)

The first work of Tabassum dubbing group under the management of Seyed Yahya Madahi

And with the voices of Seyyed Hassan Vahedi, Seyyed Mostafa Hosseini, Seyyed Hossein Moqaddas and Seyyed Yahya Madahi, you can watch an excerpt from this film that has been dubbed.

About National Security Film

National Security is a 2003 film directed by Dennis Dagen. This movie is in the action-adventure genre. The film stars Martin Lawrence, Steve Zan, Cabbage Fever, Bill Duke, Eric Roberts, and Brett Cullen.

National Security Movie Synopsis

Earl (Martin Lawrence) and Hank (Steve Woman) have one thing in common, they are both rejected by the Los Angeles Police Department! One dumb and the other angry. The dismissal of these two colleagues in an unbelievable event, suddenly leads to the discovery of the largest trafficking gang in the United States, and now these two unlucky agents are unwittingly involved in this incident …