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Anger SakhiDad (Kung Fu Monsters) (Dari dubbed by Hazaragi)

Dubbing director Seyed Yahya Madahi

With the voice of Seyyed Yahya Madahi – Seyed Hassan Vahedi – Seyed Mostafa Hosseini – Seyed Hossein Moqaddas – Seyed Ali Hosseini – Seyed Morteza Madahi – Hossein Heidari – Ahmad Gholampour – Seyed Mohammad Hosseini – Seyed Mojtaba Madahi

Kung Fu Hustle is a 2004 martial arts, gangster, and comedy film directed by Steven Choo. The cast includes Steven Choo, Danny Chan, Lam Suite, Xing Yu and Yuen Wa.

Tribute to Bruce Lee

A tribute to Bruce Lee is shown in several scenes in the film: When the landlady is sitting between the boss and her assistant, she confronts the boss and imitates the gestures of Bruce Lee while facing the criminal boss in the movie Return of the Dragon. . He shakes his finger towards him, then clenches both fists, and then shows him only the right fist (while the sound of cracking can be heard) as a sign of his strength, and then shakes his head and the woman The landlord also rubs his thumb, just like Bruce Lee; In the next case, in a moment, the landlord and his wife are seen dancing cha cha cha from the window. This is a reference to Bruce Lee, who won the national dance competition in Hong Kong in 1958. Also in the opening scene, some kids are playing football. Then Steven Choo takes action and hits the ball strangely. This is a reference to the 2001 Shaolin football movie.


The three scenes are not directed by Steven Choo. The scene, which shows the struggle of three masters, is directed by Samo Hong; This is the second place where Wan fights with a thousand men in black uniforms from the ax group, and the third is the night fight scene, where three masters face two musicians, directed by Yuan Woo-ping.

Most of the film’s superpowers are named after Pul Louis Cha, a Hong Kong family man who is often compared to Alexander Dumas and is best known for inventing modern martial arts. [6]

The Ax Band is similar to the one that appeared in the movie The Legend of the Drunk Master (1994), although in that movie the Ax Band played a minor role, but both gangs had black clothes and ax weapons and had a strong desire to fight in large groups.